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Increasing financial literacy is the need of the hour. We have been organising financial literacy sessions or quizes for schools, colleges, institutions, corporates, residential complex etc. Please contact us @ 9334117776 for such sessions.

Financial literacy is the ability to understand issues related to personal finance and manage them judiciously. Only a financially literate person is able to update his knowledge continuously for responding effectively to ever-changing personal and economic circumstances.

The absence of financial literacy can damage substantially the interests of the persons concerned. Most of the times, it harms the concerned person indirectly. The damage isn’t visible because the affected person is unable to visualize it. He doesn’t come to know what he is losing and so he can’t measure the damage. This is how the real problem starts that people don’t realize their unawareness and further they aren’t willing to accept it. It makes people averse to change their financial habits.

We, at FPKC aspire to create a pool of human resources with right skills and expertise in the financial sector. To provide quality education, FPKC has set up an exclusive training facility and also conducts various customized programmes for leading corporate and financial institutions.

 In the last decade, India has transformed into a nation with a large skilled workforce, an ever increasing line-up of visionary entrepreneurs, improved infrastructure, a booming economy, and a healthy savings rate. The growth and prosperity of this great magnitude have since given a new perspective to the Indian people and brought in a positive change in their lifestyle. Consequently, the demand for investment advisory and other financial services has increased phenomenally and it has created several opportunities for lucrative careers in this field.

 Indian financial market has completely transformed itself in the recent years. A variety of new functions that need different level and nature of specialisation have emerged. Almost every leading business house in the country has a wing for Private Equity and Wealth Management Services. Public sector banks too have taken a plunge into it. As a result, a huge requirement of trained manpower exists in this business throughout the year. Though the financial sector has a large work force with varying levels of professional qualifications, most of the times the skills and experience do not necessarily match the work responsibilities. As intermediation involves human expertise more than technological support, it is important that a person providing intermediation in the industry has a proper understanding of the business and the skills to help it remain competitive. In order to ensure this, it has become an accepted international practice for personnel working for market intermediaries to be adequately certified. At FPKC, we are doing our bit to fill this gap in manpower requirements by grooming young graduates for these new age profession.