Demat Account

What is a Demat Account?

Demat account is like a digital vault

A dematerialised (Demat) account is an account that allows you to hold your financial instruments electronically. If a savings account is used to hold your money, a demat account is used to hold your shares.It is important to note that as an investor, you cannot trade in the stock market without a demat account. With a demat account, you can hold the certificates of all your financial instruments such as Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Shares and Bonds online.

The Edelweiss Advantage

There are a lot of factors one should consider before opening a demat account, including things that go beyond just brokerage. It is a summation of all the services that a broker provides, the platforms that a broker offers you to trade with, the research recommendations, the investment options they provide you and the account opening process itself as that can be cumbersome at most times. Here are a few reasons why you should open an account with us.

  •  Opening an account with us is quick, easy and hassle free
  •  You get free access to top of the line trading platforms – (website), Edelweiss Mobile Trader (mobile app) & TX3 (desktop trading software)
  •  Our experienced research team covers more than 200 companies that span over 16 sectors
  •  We offer a wide range of investment options (across asset classes), products & services (like margin, leverage, loan against stocks), to build a portfolio that will fulfil your financial goals with ease
  •  We offer competitive brokerage rates and demat charges
  •  We have received multiple awards and recognitions for our achievements in the industry

How to open a Demat Account Online?

Follow these steps to open a Demat Account with us

  • Step 1Click on OPEN AN ACCOUNT option on top menu of the website
  • Step 2Fill your personal details, bank details, your trading preferences and upload the required KYC documents i.e. Your Original PAN card, Original Address Proof (Aadhaar card, Driving License, Passport, Voting card, Nrega Job card), bank proof, Specimen Signature.
    Once you complete the online process, our internal team will verify your documents
  • Step 3On successful document verification, complete the Esign process

    After this, Your account will be opened within 12-24 hours