Uncertainty of events in life makes life exciting. But some sudden events may set us back.  Such as medical emergencies can create financial emergency. Similarly our valuables like home, vehicle etc are exposed to various hazards. General insurance is a great option through which we can secure these things. It protects our valuables from the financial impact of risk.

Insuring anything other than human life is called general insurance. The different forms of general insurance are health, fire, marine, motor, accident and other miscellaneous non-life insurance. For example, general insurance covers insurance policies like burglary, theft, etc. Personal insurances like health and accident insurance are also covered up by general insurance. Furthermore, special insurance like professional indemnity insurance is also covered under this category.

Term Plan

Every increase in your income leads to an enhanced lifestyle for you and your family. It is important that this financial support is secured in case of an unfortunate event. A term insurance plan ensures that in a scenario where the breadwinner is no more, his/her dependents are provided the financial support required to maintain their lifestyle.


In today’s scenario where a person is exposed to multiple types of risk in his daily life, it is strange to find that one is not insured for a major risk when an option of insurance is available. We all know that HEALTH is WEALTH. Medical insurance guarantees financial wellness and moreover promotes personal well-being too. Individuals, who have sufficient health cover enjoy the following advantages:

  • Health insurance provides monetary support. It covers healthcare costs which can be huge in case of a fatal disease or a serious accident.
  • Most health insurance firms have tie-ups with top-class hospitals across the country so that one get treated under the supervision of experts. They even offer ‘cashless hospitalisation’ which is extremely beneficial in case of emergencies. As the name implies, this benefit allows one to get admitted and receive immediate treatment even if he hasn’t cash at hand.
  • It allows one to lead a stress-free existence. Even if the policy-holder falls sick, he needn’t to worry about paying medical bills, doctor fees, hospital stays etc.
  • Tax benefit certainly pushes a person one step further towards buying medical insurance. As per Section 80D of the IT Act, health insurance premiums are entitled for tax deductions. The budget which was announced in February 2015 granted deductions of Rs.25,000 for people below 65 years of age and Rs.30,000 for senior citizens.

We work hard to earn money and fulfil our dreams. Being diagnosed with a major illness or meeting with a serious accident can change your life drastically. Having adequate medical cover will ensure that all our healthcare expenses are taken care of till you are recovered fully. Most importantly, it eases financial burden on your family. If you haven’t opted for Mediclaim yet, do it right now as premiums increase with age.